A common error to see is a calibration error or a low-stimulus-level ("level-set") error indicating that one or both probe channels are malfunctioning. Depending on the measurement module, the plotted results may show one or both channels with a low output, typically across all frequencies. This can happen with either the HearID or OtoStat measurement system.


  1. Check if there is cerumen blocking the foam/rubber eartip holes. If there is cerumen covering or blocking the holes, replace the eartip with a fresh tip, check the ear canal for excess cerumen, reinsert the probe, and resume testing.
  2. Check the probe fit in the ear canal. Not all ear canals are straight, so sometimes the eartip holes can end up facing or pressing against the wall of the ear canal giving a “probe blocked” warning. Try using a larger or smaller eartip and inserting the eartip deeper or shallower. Changing the angle of the eartip by draping the probe differently might help too.
  3. Check the probe cable connections.
  4. Take the eartip off and use an otoscope to look down the steel tubes - if you see a blockage it will need to be returned for servicing.
  5. If you have a second probe, try switching probes to see if the problem is specific to the one probe.
  6. On rare occasions, calibration and stimulus level problems may be due to other hardware malfunctions (including the probe adapter cable in the older PC-card systems), but the most common failure point is the probe. 

The probe is very delicate and even a small bump or drop can damage the internal circuitry. There are no user-serviceable components. If changing the eartip doesn't work, please contact Mimosa Acoustics to arrange servicing. Because it can take some time to get probes repaired, we recommend purchasing a refurbished probe instead and trading-in the broken one. This will get you back testing again much sooner. We recommend people doing high throughput, time-sensitive, or overseas testing purchase a back-up probe so that you don't suffer downtime. Please ask us for a quote for a new or refurbished probe.