After a Windows Security Update for Office issued on 12 Nov 2019, HearID and OtoStation give an error on creating new patients and on saving records. If this error is dismissed, the tester can continue but the database may become corrupted.

Windows is rolling out a fix for this bug on this schedule: 

depending on the Office version.


  1. You can roll-back the update to prior to 12 Nov 2019 until the fix is available for your version of Office. From the Windows Start menu, go to Settings and choose "Update and Security".  Choose "View update history" and look for a security update installed on 12 Nov 2019 (or 13 Nov 2019 depending on your timezone). The update will be named: KB4484127, KB4484119, KB4484113, or KB3085368.
  2. If the fix is available for your version of Office, from the Windows Start menu, go to Settings and choose "Update and Security".  Choose "Check for updates" to force an early install of the fix.
  3. If the fix is not available and you don't wish to roll back the update, manually uninstall the Access database engine and reinstall it from your HearID/OtoStation installer (or contact Mimosa Acoustics for the installer). It is not enough to "repair" the Access database engine - you must install the old version. If you choose this option, during idle times, the computer will likely reinstall the affected update. To avoid this, choose to suspend Windows Update until the fix is released. We also advise you to reinstall the database engine before a test session, which takes only a couple of minutes.  To uninstall/reinstall the Access database engine:
    1. Exit HearID/OtoStation and any other Access database you have open.
    2. Find your HearID/OtoStation thumbdrive and plug it into the computer. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder Disk1\Redistributables\AccessDatabaseEngine. You are looking for AccessDatabaseEngine.exe. 
    3. From the Start menu, go to Control Panel and choose Programs and Features. In the program list, find the entry for "Microsoft Access database engine" (there might be a year and a language following the word "engine" that will vary depending on your Office version). Select this entry and choose Uninstall.
    4. Go back to the Installer folder and run AccessDatabaseEngine.exe. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    5. HearID/OtoStation should now work without error but there is a chance that the problem will reoccur. If it does, immediately uninstall and reinstall the Access database engine before using HearID/OtoStation further. This will reduce the chances of a corrupted database.

If you have dismissed the error message and gone onto collect data, the external data files should be saved but the correct record might not be written to the HearID/OtoStation database. The exception may be HearID+DPOAE because all the data is written to the database rather than to external files (we have not yet verified this), so there is potential data loss. 

If the database has become corrupted, you may get errors when trying to open saved data from the Test History and/or HearID/OtoStation may crash. Please contact Mimosa Acoustics if this has happened and we will advise further.