If you get an error along the lines of "the hardware is not connected or not responding" after upgrading your HearID system, you may need to switch your hardware settings in HearID. 

But first, ensure the APU is plugged into a USB port and that the APU LED light has turned green. If this is the first time you've plugged it in, the drivers may need to install. Please follow any onscreen instructions.

Run HearID (dismiss any warning that the hardware is not detected) and go to Tools | Defaults and choose the General tab. In the Hardware panel, ensure "USB" is selected. Choose OK and exit HearID. 

Ensure the APU device is plugged in and the light has turned green. When you restart HearID, the system should now recognize the APU device.

If you continue to have problems, it may mean the HearID drivers were not properly installed. Try reinstalling HearID.